Melinda Consortium Headquarter: digitally printed glass facades


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The well-known company Melinda has decided to choose Cromoglass® to create the facade of its consortium headquarters.

Thanks to the skilful combination of ceramic paints and the high resolution of our digital printing technique, the result has been immediately prized by the customer.

The facade of the plant was built by skillfully placing 80 digitally printed glass panels together, thus obtaining a surface of about 500 square meters. Each panel has a different image, with different shades and colours.

Melinda has chosen Cromoglass® to decorate its facade because it is aware of the high quality of the resolution and the long life of glass ceramic paints over time.

Moreover, thanks to the decoration of its facade, the interiors of the plant are perfectly insulated from thermal changes and protected from UV rays.

Since the glass is printed with Cromoglass® as an architectural facade, the panels for composing it have been processed in compliance with European safety standards.

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