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Glass walls define an environment by combining decorative elements with  functionalality. One of the main characteristics of glass, being customisable and adaptable to any type of use, make it the perfect material to create a safe, bright and modern working environment. Thanks to glass, it is possible to create a harmonious and symmetrical work place from the visual perspective while maintaining the spatial separation.

In this way, the environment is made not only elegant but also more welcoming, be it an office or simply a meeting room. In recent years many companies have chosen glass as a primary element to renovate and furnish their offices, which, thanks to the application of this material, look more refined and luxurious.

Among the partners who have decided to choose Veneto Vetro there is a customer from Jesolo for whom we have made partitions printed with the new Cromoglass® digital printing technology. This is an innovative processing technique that allows us to build customized solutions according to the aesthetic taste of our customers. In this case the graphics were designed on the precise instructions provided by our customer during the design phase of the project. We processed the sheets making them tempered safety glasses. These are surfaces that, due to their particular treatments, make an environment safe even in case of breakage or damage. The safety glass we used to create the partitions of the executive offices of this client in Jesolo have been reinforced with an intermediate layer (pvb). This avoids the risk of  accidents or injuries or in extreme cases, the potential of the entire surface falling.

The sheets have been customized and made unique with a pattern based on the customer’s request. This additional design element, which was made possible thanks to the Cromoglass® digital printing, has allowed us not only to make the environment pleasant from an aesthetic and modern perspective but also to create ideal lighting effects for a workplace that needs to combine practicality with visual harmony. All the glass we have manufactured to create the partitions of our customer’s offices are of the safety type.

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