Ama Crai Headquarters: glass canopy


Ama Crai


Montebelluna – Treviso



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Our company manufactured the canopy of Ama Crai, a famous and consolidated national company present in the Montebelluna area.

Being an imposing building, this architectural element could not be a minor feature. The work that our Company had to perform in this case was very particular and meticulous. Specifically, the customer has asked us to design and build the canopy of its headquarters in laminated safety glass with a lacquered finish.

The colour of the glass backing is a specific and personalised Pantone, already used by the customer in another site, of which, however, he did not have the technical data needed to reproduce it. Our expert staff has therefore intervened in order to go back to the original Pantone by carrying out an inspection using special equipment. After careful sampling, the customer has been able to confirm the colour obtained and has ordered the production of the glass for the canopy. In technical terms, this structure has been created by placing side-by-side rectangular and shaped glasses.

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