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Functional, resistant and with a style that is difficult to imitate. Glass doors are ideal for creating a bright work environment. providing a shared effect even if they separate the offices from one another. Depending on the needs, glass can be treated to guarantee maximum transparency or can be processed with the Cromoglass® digital printing to transform them into decorative elements that at the same time create private spaces.

The ability of glass to control light and its elegant and refined appearance allow us to create a workplace that fits perfectly with the requirements of harmony and functionality.

Our client, a company from Treviso, wishing to combine the functional and aesthetic aspects of glass, chose Veneto Vetro for the creation of glass doors in its new premises. The client company has required stable and solid surfaces that have been subjected to a specific manufacturing process in order to guarantee high performance. These are stratified glasses that ensure maximum protection. This type of processing, which allows the creation of authentic safety glass, in addition to ensuring the required performance reduces the need to intervene with maintenance or, in more extreme cases, with a replacement. By choosing glass, our customer has obtained a long lasting product.

As part of the design of this new structure, we have also worked on the construction of the parapets that represent, in addition to a fundamental element  guaranteeing  safety in  the workplace, also an elegant decoration. The parapets have been made with safety glass, as in the case of the glass doors. This glass has been stratified and tempered so as to be more stable and resistant to pressure or impact.

We have several ways of processing glass that allow us to create parapets of various types. There are those with continuous glass that create a uniform effect, those with curved glass that are applicable to any type of environment and the framed ones, which are distinguished by their resistance. Together with our customers, we develop the best solution according to their functional and aesthetic needs, taking into account safety standards and uniformity characteristics that must be respected to guarantee maximum protection.

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