Max Planck - Institute Tubingen: Glass facades


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Munich, Germany



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The Institute dedicated to hosting the research teams for the development of Max Planck biology, has been clad with glass facades supplied by Veneto Vetro.

The building was designed by Fritsch & Tschaidse, an archtecture firm that has won the call for tender for the construction of the building thanks to its innovative design concept.

The laboratories and offices of the institute are arranged on five floors and the working areas are connected by a central hall, which connects all the floors of the building. The roof above the central hall has been made in safety glass by Veneto Vetro, in such a way as to allow the diffusion of natural light in the interior spaces.

Our company has also manufactured the panels used to cover the facade of the building. In this case, the customer decided to opt for blue mirrored glasses, with low emission, installed in high-performance double glazing units.

Veneto Vetro is always available to architecture firms in order to identify the best solution in line with the tastes and needs of its customers.

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