Yves Chelsea Apartments: glass facades


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New York



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In 2008, Veneto Vetro produced the facade of the luxurious residential building located in 166-18th in New York and designed by Ismael Leyva Architts.

To date, the apartments that make up this building are used to accommodate wealthy tenants (an apartment starts at a minimum of one and a half million pounds).

The facade that Veneto Vetro has designed and created for this building is made up of staggered double glazing panes composed of low-emission selective glass.

Since this was a building used for private homes, it was very important to develop the project taking into account the privacy to be given to the interior spaces.

For this reason, the selected raw material was a particular type of mirrored security glass. This material allows the natural light to penetrate into the rooms, but prevents people outside the building from seeing the interior.

The glass that makes up the facade of the building are also of different colours. The architects opted for this solution in order to create fascinating plays of light and colour.


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