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Glass is an eclectic material, a prelude to infinite possibilities of use and creation, to provide ever new forms to architecture, whether for restoration or recovery projects, or interventions on new structures.

Veneto Vetro has participated in the intervention project for a private villa and its annexed horse stable, providing innovative solutions, aimed at enhancing the residential structure and its harmonious balance between interior and exterior. From the parapets of the terrace to the curved stratified panels of the balconies, from the protective walls for the internal stairways to the sliding doors, we took care of the manufacturing, supply and installation of these glass structures, designed and created specifically to enhance the value of the villa.

The customer has been guided by our expert staff in the right choice of the best solutions, in relation to the design of the spaces, creating elements of continuity between the interior spaces and the external environment. For the restoration of this villa, we have created the following structures in clear and extra-clear glass:

• Stratified curved glasses for the balconies: the use of stratified glass has allowed us to obtain the maximum effect in terms of safety while maintaining the brightness and transparency typical of glass, without sacrificing design.

• Cromoglass printed glass sliding door with automatic opening: the surfaces of the doors have been decorated with digital printing to meet the specific requests of the client and his desire for customisation. Unlike traditional screen printing, Cromoglass digital printing provides much better results in terms of image accuracy and detail, making the decorative effect truly amazing.

• Balustrades of the external terrace: The extra-clear glass used for the balcony parapets creates a continuum between inside and outside.

• Parapets of the internal stairs: they are made of stratified clear glass and anchored with particular accessories selected by the customer together with our staff.

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