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Veneto Vetro has recently taken part in the construction of an important modern villa in the countryside of Turin. The private residence seems to have been designed with a mix of styles, turning out to be an excellent example of balance between rustic and contemporary design.

The client has requested Veneto Vetro to design and supply different types of glass, used forvarious functions, but the most particular, due to their quality and difficulty of execution are the following:

  • Walkable glass floor: even if it seems fragile, since it is made of glass, the first floor of this villa is a very stable structure. Thanks to its triple-layer composition of extra-clear glass, the glass supported by the beams of the house complies with the standards of shatter-proof safety glass.

A floor composed of three layers of glass allows those who walk on it to feel safe and avoids falling falling down if one of these layers breaks.

Typically, this type of walk-on glass is composed of two layers of structural protection glass, and of an esthetic glass one (the outermost and most exposed one) whthatich, in the event of breakage, would not affect the resistance of the glass floor.

  • Parapets in curved and flat laminated glass: Being a modern house, parapets of laminated and tempered safety glass could not be missing. The alternation of curved and flat glass also provides a harmonious effect to the irregularity of the first floor caused by the presence of winding stairs.
  • Roofing glasses for external columns and roof: A particular feature that is not seen very often in homes is the use of back-enamelled glass panels for the cladding of external columns and the roof to delimit the photovoltaic panels. In this case, to avoid any possibility of corrosion of these external glasses, Veneto Vetro has used a special anti-acid paint.

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