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Private Villa


Asolo Italy


Interior Design & Contract

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Veneto Vetro has participated in the renovation of a private villa in Asolo providing different types of glass specific to the needs of the property. The projectis a structure built in the seventeenth century which was part of the pictures of the views of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy as early as the eighteenth century. The building was partially renovated between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century and this has required a recovery operation to preserve its main characteristics.

From parapets to mirrors, from flooring to bathrooms: Veneto Vetro took care of the construction and supply of glass surfaces contributing to the restoration of what once was the residence of a noble family. The impressive building combines classic structural elements with the elegance provided by the use of glass which has created a luxurious and refined environment that is also safe. Thanks to the state-of-the-art machinery we have available, we have used different types of glass that have been treated and processed according to the intended use. The entire supply project was agreed between the designer and our customer, combining his needs with our technical skills.

For the restoration of the villa, we have supplied glass for:

  • Parapets: We have used a stratified safety glass that, in addition to guaranteeing protection and stability, has created consistency from an aestheticperspective . The surface has been reinforced with an intermediate layer that, in case of breakage, keeps the other glass layers together.
  • Mirrors: We have combined the need for visibility and reflection of light with safety, by subjecting the sheets to specific treatments in order to guarantee their resistance.
  • Bathrooms (shower glass): Solidity and transparency are the main requirements we have taken into account for the creation of the shower glass.
  • Glass doors (sanded): They guarantee brightness and privacy at the same time. They have been processed in such a way as to maintain a lasting aesthetic quality.
  • Pool panes (safety glass): We have used stratified safety glass that guarantee an elegant and refined visual impact from an architecturalstance , ensure protection and are adequately sized.

Floor (shatterproof, safety glass): We have made anti-slip glass to combine the need for safety with comfort and functionality. The sheets have been treated in such a way as to guarantee a lasting resistance.

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