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The choice of glass to furnish interiors creates an elegant environment with a refined design. This type of material, thanks to its versatility and resistance, also allows guests to have a unique experience from the visualperspective , as in the case of high-altitude terraces or rooms with views. This what the perspective of the owners of the Hotel Helen in Caorle, who decided to rely on Veneto Vetro to renovate their structure and make it more functional.

Our consulting and assistance service during the design phase has allowed us to provide our customers with useful advice and tips to adapt the glass to the existing furnishings and create a homogeneous, unique and tailor-made environment.

The glass we have made for the Hotel Helen includes:

  • Reception and lounge area: We have created  curved and flat glass counters . With a state-of-the-art machine pool, we have diversified the processes to create two different types of surfaces, depending on the structural and furnishing needs. We made glass smooth and uniform by subjecting it to a specific treatment while, for the bending procedure, we used an annealed glass heated up to a temperature between 500 and 600 degrees. The glass we supplied for the counters have been processed with the Cromoglass® digital printing, which combines the durability of paints with the quality of digital printing. This type of technology has enabled our client to customize the glass depending on needs and personal taste. The Cromoglass® printing technique has also made it possible to reduce production times because, unlike traditional screen-printing, it optimizes the processing steps.
  • Backlit wall: Also one of the walls has been processed with the Cromoglass® digital printing that, offered exclusively to our customers, gives us the possibility to treat large surfaces. The wall was created by combining the print with the internal environment to create a sensory experience for the guests.
  • Opening glass windows: they have been treated with a special process to make them more resistant to shocks and, therefore, to meet the safety needs of guests. Security glass has been used to guarantee resistance and protection, equipped with all the accessories that allow them to be opened and closed efficiently .
  • Backlit columns cladding: We have used the Cromoglass® digital printing and studied the customized graphics also for covering the columns, equipped with diffused back lighting.

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