Modern Artistic Glass Fences






Digital printing on glass

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Modern artistic fences are becoming a very popular product both on the national and international scene.

Consider that with a product like a glass fence made digitally printed with Cromoglass®, we can guarantee the safety of your private spaces and at the same time make them a distinct design element. In this project page, we wish  to provide some examples of creations by Veneto Vetro with the use of Cromoglass®.

As you will notice, the applications and textures possible to implement are endless. Customers can therefore feel free to express their creativity, certain of the success of the project. It is worth remembering that glass fences are very resistant and safe: just think of the difficulty in damaging them or of intruders climbing over them. In addition to the features in line with European safety standards, the glass fences printed with Cromoglass®, thanks to the particular characteristics of ceramic paints, will have an incredible duration over time.

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