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Glass stairs are suitable for any type of environment and make it elegant and luxurious. One of the advantages of choosing glass for parapets or even flooring is precisely its ability to be combined with different styles of interior design.

In this sector the use of glass in recent years is undergoing intense development, becoming one of the materials most chosen by designers and professionals in the architectural and construction sectors, but also in the private context. Glass makes it possible to combine functionality with safety and aesthetics. Being a particularly flexible and resistant material, glass also provides high performance according tospecific needs. As a result, it is ideally suited for use in protective structures, such as parapets. This type of solution requires compliance with technical and safety requirements, in order to create a protected and comfortable environment. This is why our Company, leveraging its many years of experience, also provides a consultancy service to its partners during the development of projects.

Our customer, owner of a private residence in Milan, asked us to create an effective structure to protect the exterior of a staircase combining the need for safety with design. During the development of the project, we agreed on all the requirements that the surface performed in terms of both safety and aesthetics. For the production of the sheets, we used a clear stratified glass. This is a pane created from two or more sheets of glass that are joined through PVB (polyvinylbutyral). The joining process is  performed with a hot processing carried out under pressure.

The stratified glass used to make the parapet in this Milan residence is also a safety glass, which reduces the risk of accidents caused by impacts and avoids collapse. In case of breakage, the use of PVB is fundamental because this material, keeping the glass sheets together, holds the fragments, avoiding the risk of accidents and injuries. Indeed, safety is one of the fundamental requirements that a parapet must guarantee. Precisely for this reason, the glass has been worked in such a way as to ensure high-level performance without neglecting its aesthetic quality.

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