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The need to combine comfort and elegance has always been evident in the private housing sector. Customers who want to renew the environment in which they live want to do so by combining their personal taste with reliance on a product that is safe and durable from every perspective as well as easy to maintain.

Our Company, thanks to its many years of experience and to the possibility of designing and producing customised solutions, produces and supplies glass for various industries, including the building sector.

Our customer, owner of a private villa in Florence, supported by his designer, turned to Veneto Vetro for the supply of products. This person chose our Company because, thanks to a machine-pool of the latest generation, we have the opportunity to diversify the glass production processes and, therefore, to create surfaces for any type of use. In this specific case, our customer from Florence asked us for the production of a glass cover (Pompeian structure). This is a surface that requires compliance with certain technical and safety requirements, both to guarantee the required performance and to meet the safety and protection requirements depending on the installation environment. The specialisation of our technical and commercial departments allows us to guarantee an additional service to our partners, which consists in supporting them during the design phase, providing them with consultancy and assistance for the implementation of the project in order to obtain a reliable and high-quality result. 

For the covering in this villa in Florence, we have used a stratified safety glass with milk white pvb 66.2. In general, pvb, which is used to keep the stratified glass panels together, is transparent, but we can also obtain other colors, including an etched finish.

For this project, our staff interacted with the customer and the designer and evaluated with them the processing of the glass in order to create the required structure.  During the project development phase, we agreed with our partner the construction times and delivery methods, and provided an estimate of the costs. This phase is very important for us, because it allows us to provide our customers with a clear and transparent service.

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