447-53 West 18th Street Condominium


Intercom srl


New York



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Veneto Vetro is present with its processed glasses also in New York, more precisely at 447-53 West 18th Street Condominium.

The customer Intercom has entrusted our company with the supply of glass for the facade of this residential building.

As shown in the photos, architect Audrey Matlock wanted to design an eccentric and irregular building.

The facades made of glass sheets of different colours are asymmetrical and offset, one with respect to the other, providing the building with a sort of undulating movement.

Since this was a building used for private homes, it was very important to develop the project taking into account the privacy to be given to the interior spaces.

From a technical point of view, the facade has been in fact composed of structural cells with staggered double-glazing composed of low-emission selective glasses.

This type of glass provides a high level of privacy and limits the penetration of heat in summer and of cold in winter.

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