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In 2013, Veneto Vetro inaugurated its new headquarters, making its entrance into a new era of expansion by strengthening its position in the market.

It was decided to create a structure almost entirely in glass to make the headquarters a real showcase of our products, and to be able to show to visitors the many applications that glass can have.

From the moment you arrive at the company crossing the main gate printed with Cromoglass®, you enter into an environment completely made up of this fascinating material.

After crossing the imposing facade made in selective glass, you will enter the hall of the company, from which you can see how many elements can actually be built using glass.

From the elevator, completely built with transparent glass, to the doors of the halls, from the floors of the upper level, also in transparent anti-slip glass, to the dome, you can also notice that the office walls are also made of glass and that next to the lobby stands out a giant wall depicting Venice made from Cromoglass®.

One of the most curious and appreciated structures are the glass fins, true load bearing columns that support the architectural structure and that in the evening light up thanks to the presence of specialistLEDs.

Among the creations present in our Company, it is worth mentioning the stairs, the floors, the parapets, the table tops, the desks and the partitions, perceptibly all meticulously made of glass.

In a perfect harmony with the raw material, Veneto Vetro thus shows its customers how elegant and safe glass can be, confirming its expertise in the related processing.

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