Architecture and interior design: it is a golden moment

Architecture and interior design: it is a golden moment

Architecture and interior design: it is a golden moment

Architecture and interior design: it is a golden moment

The new trends in architecture and interior design show a clear direction: we are moving from minimalist design, which characterized the first decade of the 2000s, to a richer and more comforting style, reflecting a new desire for hedonism and well-being.

This is the year of “Illuminating yellow”, Pantone 2021 colour. It is the age of versatile and shiny metals: copper, bronze, brass. But, it is mainly the year of gold.

Gold is the purest and most precious metal. Gold is symbol of safety and loyalty, because it maintains its value throughout the years.


Gold trend: brightness and charm

Gold is coming back in interior design and architecture to transmit light, opulence and creativity to the most contemporary environments, from private apartments to public spaces.

The Midas touch illuminates and embellishes details. Combined with white, it creates bright and delicate environments. In dark settings, it makes them even more chic. Combined with romantic tones, the result is a retro atmosphere.

Gold with marble is trendy. With raw materials and natural woods it creates refined contemporary contrasts.

Together with glass, the result is wonderful light effect.


Gold and glass: Cromoglass Gold

Cromoglass Gold is the exclusive glass digital printing with precious metallic ceramic inks in gold and white gold, which allows you to create finely detailed glass surfaces and add value to any architectural and interior design project.

Thanks to this technology, gold blends into the glass: in this way it remains unchanged over time, thus maintaining its natural beauty.

Applications are countless, both in internal and external spaces: glass coverings, sliding doors and dividing walls, glass tables and counters, mirrors and cabinets. You can also customize glass facades of any size.

Cromoglass Gold allows you to create prestigious, exclusive, unique architectural and interior design projects. A few examples: private homes, luxury contracts, boutiques, shops, hotels, executive and representative offices, up to nautical and naval furnishings.

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