The ideal holiday home? Made in glass on a cliff!

The ideal holiday home? Made in glass on a cliff!

The ideal holiday home? Made of glass on a cliff

Its name is “Air”: it is an amazing holiday home overlooking a cliff on the sea, whose shape resembles a surfboard fin, and it has been designed by the Ukrainian design studio Yakusha Design.

The small house, less than 50 square meters, is developed around a vertical concrete pillar and it has walls completely made of glass, so that you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape.

The walls are made of special glass with transparency control, to look outside without being seen inside.

It is still a concept, however in the last month it has been published by several design and life style magazines all around the world, because it embodies our desire for freedom, sustainability and contact with nature. That’s why it exemplifies a trend in architecture.

High-performance glass facades, to guarantee winter thermal insulation and summer solar shading.

Balustrades and glass-roofs to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Parapets and glass fences for our gardens, to protect and ensure the best view of the panorama.

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