Once upon a time there was the Giacchetto family … is how an important story begins.

Beginning of the 60s: the brothers Mario and Valentino Giacchetto, backed by their strong Venetian area glass tradition, glimpsed an important entrepreneurial opportunity in the budding urbanization of Jesolo beach.

1964: Vetromeccanica is born. From the very start, it weaved commercial alliances with local building companies and chose innovation equipping itself with automatic glass-processing machines, glass-bending furnaces and a double-glazing line, offering cutting-edge solutions, without losing sight of their “glass craftsmen” origins.

1989: Veneto Vetro was established in Montebelluna. In the new production site were introduced glass-tempering machines.

1977: The second Giacchetto generation joined Veneto Vetro. Giorgia – Mario’s daughter – started her entrepreneurial activities with her husband Pierpaolo Bazzacco.

2010: Veneto Vetro changed its corporate structure. The brothers Mario and Valentino separated the two companies, solely from a legal point of view.

Mario Giacchetto became the single director of Veneto Vetro.

2012: The company’s image restyling year. A new institutional logo and a new payoff “Leading experience in glass transformation” sealed its 50-year story and envisaged a transparent, ethical, continually evolving future. The Cromoglass trademark launched the innovative digital printing technique on glass with ceramic paints. It is now one of the company’s distinctive assets.

2013: The production site was expanded and the works finished on the new office building. The project by architect Francesco Michielin.

2015: Company management changed hands, from Mario Giacchetto to his daughter, Giorgia.

From what was once upon a time to today … the important story keeps going on.

From origins to the future, envisaging light, knowledge and respect. Company ecology, sinking roots to soar high.

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