Research and Development


Research and Development

Research and Development

For Veneto Vetro research is a crucial path for real growth and innovation.

That’s why “Those who look find and those who don’t find keep on looking”.

A future-oriented activity that combines tradition and technology, creativity and science, experience and experimentation.

Research and development as the foundations of innovation.

Product and process evolution bringing greater benefits and pushing progress.

First of all, research and development is oriented towards safety for a future where glass is increasingly more the protagonist in applications combining aesthetics, comfort and technical performance.

Research and development oriented towards reducing production waste, with minimum scrap levels.

Research and development as a guarantee of maximum personalization for the customer.

Targets like safety, aesthetics and sustainability are only possible by searching for continual solutions.

Innovation in the new Veneto Vetro products is through streamlined processes and the study of glass applications as an alternative to other materials in several applications (walls, floors and stairs).

The long-life mirror, the fire-break glass and the safety certifications for nautical and naval sectors are several of the most meaningful Veneto Vetro’s developments and innovations.

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