From Greenery Pantone to Jungalow style

From Greenery Pantone to Jungalow style

From Greenery Pantone to Jungalow style

13 January 2017

The Pantone Color of the year is Greenery. This is the demonstration that people need to be in touch with nature more than ever. Here below we collected some examples of green-houses.

You’ll find some suggestion about how to get a jungalow style at home.

Professionist: Atelier 48.2

Thanks to this enlargement the house get a double space to be use also as atelier.

Professionist: JLF & Associates, Inc.

The green-house is a modern hallway that connects two old houses.

Professionist: NewWall

The kitchen backdrop becames bigger and bigger. Let’s imagine typical banana leaves prented in an original glass wall!

Professionist: MyHomeDesign

A vertical gardner must be close to a skylight!

Professionist: Window World S.A.

In this hous the meam room look at a garden courtyard. Usually it’s a sculptures or a zen gardner. In this article we preffer the jungle version!

Obviously you’ll need as much plants as you can!

To be practical in the bathroom we suggest you to customize the shower cabin classes thanks to Cromoglass digital print. Here below the collection of green fantasy illustrations.

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