Say good bye to the traditional shower cabin

Say good bye to the traditional shower cabin

Say good bye to the traditional shower cabin

12 December 2016

The shower must be the brighter place of the house because it’s here that our day will sart!
It must be also practical.

The traditional shower cabin is claustrophobic compare to a single glass wall. Simply is better!

Veneto Vetro can give you the perfect glass for this specific use: tempered glass, curved, perforated, frosted, colored and pritned thanks to the digital printing technology Cromoglass (take a look at to see the online simulator proposals).

Here below we’ve collected some interesting ideas of the net taht can be useful for a new bathroom or a relooking.

Professionist: Flower Michelin

Professionist: – Cerca immagini di stanze da bagno al mare

Professionist: LA Dwelling

Professionist: Smarter Bathrooms+

Professionista: Jeff Herr Photography – Cerca foto di stanze da bagno minimal

The latest trend is to put the bathtub close to the shaver, divided just a glass wall.

Professionist: Nicolas Tye Architects

You will get the fire energy thanks to a colored glass:

Professionist: Boutique Homes

Professionist: Modern Home Solutions

Don’t give up on a Turkish bath at home!

Professionist: Deep River Partners – Trova più foto di stanze da bagno contemporanee

Professionist: Liquid Interiors Limited – Cerca immagini di stanze da bagno design

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