Glass: antique and always modern material

Glass: antique and always modern material

Glass: antique and always modern material

17 November 2017

glass digital printing

Glass is a material that since ancient times has enchanted man for his unique qualities of transparency and visual lightness. For the ancients the glass had something magical, the Phoenicians even had a deity of glass, called Hiyon, testifying to the fascination that this element has always exercised in the human race.

Nowadays, glass is becoming increasingly important in whole application areas, from interior design to architecture. A notable example comes from that the most fashionable trends in architecture and modern design are: lightness, exactness, coherence and multiplicity. Lightness represents the dimension according to which buildings must not appear to be monoliths, but must be integrated into the environment, even if they are well defined, and here is the exactness. Architecture has to integrate many languages ​​and forms without, however, losing consistency and unity. Glass, thanks to its properties, lends itself as a material of excellence to perform these trends. Furthermore, its use is an extremely ecological choice as a 100% recyclable material. It also presents an important distinction compared to other recyclable materials. Thanks to its extraordinary characteristics, it has an infinite cycle of reuse, as it can be recycled without losing any property.

Glass is a material with a strong visual identity, an identity that is strengthened thanks to new technologies, such as the high resolution digital printing Cromoglass, offered by Veneto Vetro, which allows you to print any image on the glass. This technology lends itself to a multitude of expressive languages, to infinite possibilities of design, allowing everyone to find their own expressive voice.

Veneto Vetro, thanks to its more than 50 years of experience in all glass processing process, own a wide know-how and a deep knowledge of the various uses of this extraordinary material. We offer our customers a complete service that starts from listening to needs and design ideas, passing through the actual design, then concluding with the installation. For any request or information, please send an email to

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