Marine interiors trends: why is glass so requested?

Marine interiors trends: why is glass so requested?

Marine interiors: why is glass so requested?

Why is glass so requested in cruise ship interiors?

Marine interiors is a sector similar to interior design but with some particular characteristics.

People choosing a cruise have very high expectations: they want to live a “dream experience”, an unforgettable holiday enjoying fun, luxury and light-heartedness.

The cruise ship designer, therefore, has the task of creating projects that are at the same time aesthetically impeccable, comfortable, safe and functional. In doing so, glass is a great ally.

Veneto Vetro supports cruise ship interior designers offering its own technical knowledge of glass, and the network of consolidated relationships within this marine sector.

This collaboration gives rise to unique interior projects, which define the style and visual identity of the cruise company’s brand, and make guests’ stays memorable.

Glass: design and elegance

Glass gives rooms elegance and brightness. Glass and mirrors expand narrow spaces such as cabins, lifts and corridors.

Thanks to the infinite possible processes, glass offers unlimited customization possibilities, recreating splendid atmospheres, an integral part of the cruise experience.

Among the most requested processes, Cromoglass digital printing with hexachromatic ceramic paints allows any image or pattern to be reproduced on glass, or to simulate with great likelihood precious materials such as marble and wood.

The latest creation is Cromoglass Gold, digital printing with precious ceramic metallic inks in gold and white gold. In the printing process, gold melts into the glass, ensuring timeless durability, luxury and elegance.

Safety and comfort

At the same time, glass is a great ally for privacy. Frosted, printed, digitally printed Cromoglass glass separates and shields from view.

In recent years, then, hygiene and wholesomeness of common spaces have become essential themes: glass surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect.

Beauty, comfort, safety and practicality: all these values ​​must be balanced in a marine interiors project.

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