Marine industry and superyachts: can we talk about sustainability?

Marine industry and superyachts: can we talk about sustainability?

Marine industry and superyachts: can we talk about sustainability?

Reducing the environmental impact of yachts and superyacht is a priority in the marine industry, as its carbon footprint is so high. For several years Veneto Vetro has concentrated many of its R&D investments around sustainability in all sectors, including the nautical and naval sectors.

– A first theme concerns the design. An efficient design clearly increases propulsion capacity and reduces fuel consumption. Veneto Vetro, thanks to its experience in curved glass processing, is able to propose advanced technical solutions to follow even the most daring lines of any project

Glazed surfaces on yachts are increasingly the protagonists. That’s why, the adoption of high energy efficiency glass solutions right from the design stage is so important. Veneto Vetro offers technical know-how and a co-design approach to offer designers the best solutions for energy abatement, thermal insulation and solar control.

– Another strategic issue to pursue energy efficiency is the reduction of the weight of the boat. Veneto Vetro has a book of certified compositions that allow  to reduce the thickness of the glass to be applied and at the same time limit the energy input.

Longevity of a boat’s life cycle is also a very important issue. We can extend the life of a yacht by designing a style that “does not age”, thanks to the use of timeless materials such as glass.

– But longevity also means quality of the components and their installation: in Veneto Vetro we offer a complete service that goes from the survey on board to the testing, up to the installation and, if necessary, the replacement of the components, to guarantee the durability of each project.

– Finally, sustainability concerns production processes. For several years, Veneto Vetro has undertaken a roadmap towards sustainability through certified technological and infrastructural evolutions. It is part of the Assindustria Venetocentro Sustainability Group, sharing objectives, commitments and best practices.

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