Veneto Vetro for nautical and naval sector: consulting, tests and certifications

Veneto Vetro for nautical and naval sector: consulting, tests and certifications

Veneto Vetro for the nautical and naval sector: consulting, tests and certifications

With the new regulations of the certification bodies for nautical and naval sector, safety requirements have significantly increased and calculations to determine glass thicknesses have become more complex and challenging.

For this reason, offering our customers specific advice has become an essential priority for Veneto Vetro.

In order to do this, Veneto Vetro team has attended and attends courses taught by the best surveyor engineers of the main certification bodies.

Today our team, made up of a commercial, technical and R&D office, is able to support the customer since the birth of the boat’s construction, analyze the glass drawing in detail, suggest any technical improvement solutions and develop the most suitable product for the position in which the glass is mounted.

In Veneto Vetro, we test glass resistance required by law in the presence of the Certification Bodies. One of the most frequent tests is the punch test, which certifies the correct quality of tempering of the glass. Veneto Vetro has a punch-test machine made and certified according to the ISO 614 standard. Furthermore, all production is complaint to ISO 3254 standard , which prescribes essential processing requirements for glass to be installed in boats.

But that is not all. In Veneto Vetro we are not satisfied “only” by glass compliance to safety standards. The goal is to define the best possible product, which at the same time respects the resistance requirements provided by law and the aesthetic and optical requirements required by the customer, with the minumum thickness to contain the weights and achieve the right quality / price compromise.

This complex study is called glass sizing and is an excellent service offered by our team of specialized engineers.

Thanks to the experience gained in tempering and laminating, we are able to study the optimal solution for the visual, thermal and acoustic characteristics of our safety glass, managing to contain the thicknesses within the expected parameters and thus reducing the weight of the windows.

To do this, Veneto Vetro has certified a series of compositions of laminated glass by means of a 4-point bending test according to ISO 1288. In so doing, each individual composition is assigned its resistance.

Therefore, through an extensive carnet of equivalent thicknesses available, certified and recognized by the major surveyors, Veneto Vetro can always identify the most performing “package” based on the resistance required by the reference standard. Once again, Veneto Vetro has a machine to test its compositions under bending and to study the best production parameters from time to time to increase resistance performance.

By doing everything internally, we thus assure precision, zero interpretations, certain times and quality chain.

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