Glass facades and finns

Glass facades and finns

Glass facades and finns

Glass fins are supporting structures used in both industrial and civil buildings. Used as an alternative to cement, they are made from structural glass, layered glass that, thanks to latest generation plastics, makes it extraordinarily resistant.

This product is especially used for modern buildings, with all-glass facades and walls, without the cement that generally has an impact on the final visual effect. The result using glass fins is an elegant structure where glass and light dominate the heavier materials.

Even though glass is often associated with fragility, these structures are safe and reliable for any use and building.

Veneto Vetro provides glass for the facades of residential and industrial buildings. The ample choice includes glass panes that are: insulating, triple insulation, selective, anti-condensation, burglar-proof and lots more.

For facades, the choice of glass and processing is very important, as it has to guarantee safety, privacy, thermal insulation and sound-proofing.

Veneto Vetro offers its knowhow to architectural studios for all the possible solutions obtained through the professional processing of glass. Facade panes placed at a height above 100 cm foresee standard UNI EN 14179, HST – Heat Soak Test – processing with a specific furnace owned by Veneto Vetro.

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