Spy mirror printed

Spy mirror printed

Spy mirror with digital print

2 December 2016

Veneto Vetro has the possibility to produce your custom spy mirror also with huge dimension. We can also print on it thanks to Cromoglass. Imagine your logo, graphics or decoration!

Talking about spy mirror we don’t refer only to those in the policy’s rooms. This double side surface is useful in much more situations: to enlarge space, look over and communicate advertising.

Here bellow some examples of inspirations from architects and designer in the net.

For example in a gym people use to make exercises looking at a glass. From the other side of the glass people at the reception can see the activites gym room.

Professionist: Campbell Gray Design

Professionist: STIMAMIGLIO conceptluxurydesign

With a glass wall a long and tight kitchen seems to be bigger. Thanks to a spy mirror you can see the dinning room from the kitchen but your guests will not see the disorder.

Professionist: – Look for contemporary kitchen

Think to a sliding door with a spy glass.

Professionist: SE stefaniaeugeni


A bathroom with no window close to a bedroom sould use this escamotage to see throw the balcony.

Professionist: Bruce Bierman Design

Professionist: Luxe Interior International

On the other hand allow the view from the bedroom into the bathroom (even respecting the privacy keeping the wc in a shodow zone) is the latest trend in private villa or hotel.

Professionist: D3 architetti associati

A big mirror in the middle of the bathroom could be useful for makeup from one side and “disappear” from the other!

Professionista: STUDIO CERON & CERON

Professionist: STIMAMIGLIO conceptluxurydesign


Sliding doors with a spy mirror could be really useful in the walk-in closet!
You’ll get a continuum space from the bedroom but you can reflect yourself from the other side and see how you look like with that jumper without  sacrifice more space.

Professionist: Paola Favretto

Down a hallway help you to get a new secret room in a space that you couldn’t have used.

Professionist: Anton Thelen GmbH

Moreover this idea is applicable to an office.

Professionist: MJ Lanphier

More over you can get different offices in a an open space even keeping the co-working vaulue.

Professionist: Alessandro Donaggio – fine art photography

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